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With BorderShopper you can compare food prices between grocery stores in Switzerland and the bordering countries Germany and France. The Border Shopping Tool helps you find the best prices and make decisions on what makes most sense to buy abroad to make the most out of your trip.

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of Your Amazing Savings

After having selected your typical shopping cart and matched it with products in your neighbouring country you get a summary of the potential cost savings. Even including driving cost calculations, exchange rate calculations and more!

See some example prices here to get a feel for the differences in food prices between Switzerland, France and Germany.

Compare Food Prices Switzerland

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Your selected products are saved in your shopping list. Create unlimited shopping lists and synchronize between your laptop and smartphone.

Easily access your shopping list when you are in the store abroad. Do your shopping and look up what the prices are in Switzerland. You can access your shopping lists offline so you don't need wireless access abroad.

Works on all phones, tablets and computers. Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Create your own or download existing lists.

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